Alex Colon-Olaniyan

Garifuna Drumming Workshop
Artistic Discipline: Music
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Crown Heights

The students will be introduced to Garifuna Drumming techniques the four main purposes of the drum The four main purposes of the drums namely: Celebration, Communication Ceremonial (Religious), Stress Relief and three main genres meaning Punta, Paranda, and Hungu Hugu.. So throughout the whole experience of this workshop project, the students will be familiarized with Garifuna Heritage. Introduce the greater community and Caribbean diaspora to the power of Drum Rhythms by exposing children and young adults to a better understanding of themselves through music discography. 1.1 Participants will become familiar with the history, definition and purpose of the Garifuna Drums. 1.2`Participants will be able to demonstrate the proper posture when playing drums. 1.3 Participants will demonstrate playing the different drumming patterns in the different genres. 1.4 Participants will be able to sing in accompaniment with three different genres.