Brackish - music & art

Brackish - music & art Concert Series 2023
Artistic Discipline: Music
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Gowanus

Brackish /‘brakiSH/- (of water) slightly salty, as is the mixture of freshwater and seawater. Brackish Music & Art is a Brooklyn-based performance series committed to showcasing the work of female, non-binary, queer, and BIPOC experimental artists. Brackish offers artists across the disciplines of music, visual art, poetry, and movement a space to take risks, create, and explore new work. Our curators - Angela Morris (founder) and Starr Busby - are dedicated to cultivating an experience of unusual/'underground' performance in an intimate, safe and accessible environment. Each event features musical acts and non-music performances. Performers are selected based on artistic merit, community-mindedness, and experimental ethos. We prioritize those interested in trying something new and those whose work draws from a wide scope of practices. We encourage artists to collaborate across disciplines and do our best to partner with spaces which inspire creativity and meet the needs of the performers. Brackish events are for the community of Brooklyn artists and art lovers who remain curious about the ever-expanding limits of creation.