exquisites bk

"exquisites queer reading series & anthologies"
Artistic Discipline: Literary Arts
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2024
Location: Crown Heights

Exquisites is a queer poetry, workshop, and anthology series in Brooklyn, NY co-organized by Em Marie Kohl and danilo machado. The curatorial style of the series is inspired by the surrealist game exquisite corpse, where the whole is made collaboratively. Twice a year exquisites publishes an anthology highlighting the constellation of readers of the previous six months. In cooler weather readings and workshops are hosted virtually. Spring and Summer 2024 you can find Exquisites hosting their first Thursday readings in the garden of Polly’s Cafe in Crown Heights. Exquisites workshops are hosted annually with Greene Acres and Aberdeen Community Gardens. Winter 2023 Exquisites co-produced a special event with City Lights press and Brooklyn Art Haus theater for the New York City launch of bi-coastal poet Mimi Tempestt’s newest book ‘the delicacy of embracing spirals’. From 2022-2023 Equisites was happily homed at Art Cafe & Bar. To learn more about exquisites visit them on instagram @exquisitesbk, or www.exquisitesbk.com.