Fei Li | Accented Projects

"Tales from the Table"
Pronouns: she / they
Artistic Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2024
Location: Bedford-Stuyvesant

Tales From The Table is an innovative community art project that uses culinary traditions to explore and celebrate the rich narratives connecting Black and Asian diasporas. Through free community workshops, artist's book, and community events, participants will engage in discussions about their relationships with food, culture, and identity, creating biographical sculptures from everyday objects and oral histories. Contributions from artists, writers, poets, scholars, and performers will foster a collective consciousness attuned to social issues, transforming everyday spaces into platforms for storytelling and resistance. Tales From The Table catalyzes sustained cultural dialogue and social cohesion, addressing gentrification, racial tension, and cultural erasure, and creating enduring artifacts that continue the conversation beyond the project's duration. Join us in this journey of exploration, solidarity, and celebration, as we highlight and honor the shared histories and futures of Black and Asian diasporas.