Julia Rocha-Nava

"Liberation Sounds"
Pronouns: they / them
Artistic Discipline: Performing Arts
Category: Creative Equations Fund: Justice, Equity, & Sustainability
Grant Year: 2024
Location: Bushwick

Founded in 2023, Liberation Sounds is a music production course and community space exclusively for QTBIPOC (queer, trans Black, Indigenous, and people of color). Led by vocalist, producer, and educator Julia Rocha, in collaboration with Mayday Space, a grassroots movement hub in Brooklyn. Grounded in popular education, Liberation Sounds fosters a learning environment where individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels gather to explore music production. Our goal is to teach fundamental production techniques in a dynamic group setting, nurturing individual creativity and fostering a supportive community of QTBIPOC artists. Together, we harness music as a tool for personal and collective healing, expression, and radical world-building.