Andreas Arnold

Andreas Arnold Presents: Flamenco-Jazz in Brooklyn
Artistic Discipline: Music
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2020
Location: Prospect Park South

Andreas Arnold’s music is inspired by different cultures and promotes diversity and community. He expresses himself through a musical kaleidoscope that reflects the classical traditions of his homeland Germany, jazz from the U.S., and music from the Mediterranean, especially Flamenco from Spain. Further influences span from the Middle East to India. Ensemble playing in general and improvisation in particular are forms of creating together in the moment, supporting each other, listening to each other, and promoting core values for better understanding between humans. Performed live this, becomes a powerful synergetic experience for artists and spectators.

In 2020, Arnold will put on eight performances of original music in Brooklyn. Five of these concerts will take place at the Brooklyn Commons and three will take place at Jalopy, The Owl, and Sisters. His focus is on blending American and Spanish musical cultures, namely jazz and flamenco. Some of the concerts will include collaborations with the Brooklyn Raga Massive, an organization that promotes Indian Music and the Brooklyn Maquam Hang who promotes Arabic Music. At each performance, he will compose and present at least one new musical composition. This project is unique in the way that it draws on the rich diversity of music scenes that coexist in New York but seldomly synthesize.