Emilie Gay

Pistachio Project
Artistic Discipline: Theater
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2020
Location: Bushwick

The mission of the Pistachio Project is to inspire young children to be responsible earth stewards: recycling, reusing, reducing and re-imaging waste while using other sustainable earth care practices. By using drama, music and interactive theater, the Pistachio Project hopes to help young children find a deep love and connection to the earth. The Pistachio Project is earth activist theater fun; both entertaining and very serious.

The Pistachio Project is an interactive preschool musical theater that engages children between three and seven years of age in sustainable earth care practices. This year, the Pistachio Project presents an all-new episode of the learning play “Pistachio: A Brooklyn Girl Made from Trash” that explores the effects of climate change on Brooklyn.

In the play, Pistachio, a ten year-old girl made from recycled trash, gets the audience to help her save the world. The plot of the play takes the children to Red Hook and Far Rockaway with photos of what happens after a really bad storm. Pistachio and her animated friends sing and dance with the audience letting the children be the wind, the rain, and the ocean reacting to the changes in weather patterns. As always the villain, un-recycled garbage, tries to stop the heros, Pistachio and the audience, from recycling, reusing, reducing and re-imagining waste. The play ends with Pistachio and the audience figuring out what each of us can do to save the earth. This interactive performance ends with everyone doing the earth dance. The goal of the Pistachio Project is to inspire children to be responsible earth stewards.