Juan Pablo Siles

region(es): CENTRAL
Artistic Discipline: Multidisciplinary
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2020
Location: Bushwick

As an artist, musician, and arts administrator interested in transitioning into curatorial practice, an arts advocate, a Latino, and an immigrant originally from Bolivia, Juan Pablo Siles stands committed to tackling issues of representation and opportunity in the performing arts. The lack of diversity in leadership positions across arts organizations in the U.S. results in limited resources allocated to the promotion, creation, and presentation of works informed by Latinx experiences. Siles is dedicated to fostering new avenues for the development of artistic work that speak to diverse perspectives of Latinx people—breaking stereotypes of homogeneous culture and moving beyond traditional and folkloric performances.

region(es) is an annual performing arts series that connects with the Latinx and self-identified Hispanic population residing in Bushwick. The project invites members of this community to experience and take part in performances by artists that share with them similarities in language and cultural identity. They achieve this by presenting and commissioning both local and international artists with Latin American roots. Each year, the project will put forth programming that focuses on contemporary and boundary-pushing work with origins in different Latin American regions.

The goal of this project is to further the dialogue between artists and audiences through the presenting of innovative and experimental artistic work that speaks to a shared background, language, and cultural identity. The interaction between artist and audience helps open both sides’ perspectives, creating a forum for the sharing of ideas and offering an opportunity to connect at a deeper level and empower collective identity.