Pitkin Avenue District Management Association, Inc.

Living Archive at the Storefront for Brownsville
Artistic Discipline: InterdisciplinaryMultidisciplinary
Category: Local Arts Support
Grant Year: 2020
Location: Brownsville

The Pitkin Avenue District Management Association (DMA) is a non-profit community development organization serving Pitkin Avenue residents and businesses in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Our goal is to make Brownsville a better place to live, work, shop and visit.

The Living Archive at the Storefront for Brownsville is a pop-up participatory art exhibition hosted by the Pitkin Avenue BID. The exhibition celebrates Brownsville Brooklyn's past, present, and future in an interactive gallery that showcases artists from the Brownsville-Ocean Hill community.

Building off the success of the May 2019 exhibition which showcased neighborhood artifacts from the Brownsville Heritage House's archive, the May 2020 exhibition will present pieces from five contemporary Brownsville artists to showcase the rich history and culture that exists in Brownsville today. Artists will be selected via a call for art. The exhibition will provide a platform for five local artists to reach a larger audience.It will be held in a vacant commercial space within the Pitkin Avenue district, helping to activate a commercial corridor with a 16% commercial vacancy rate, above the NYC average.

This project is part of a community effort that includes the Pitkin Avenue BID, Brownsville Community Justice Center, Made In Brownsville, and the Brownsville Heritage House to change this narrative through a contemporary collective neighborhood voice by exhibiting the artwork of 5 local artists.