Wendy's Subway

Wendy's Subway Residency Program
Artistic Discipline: InterdisciplinaryMultidisciplinary
Category: Local Arts Support
Grant Year: 2020
Location: Bushwick

Wendy's Subway is a non-profit reading room, writing space, and independent publisher located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Since 2013, Wendy's Subway has provided an open and versatile platform for expanding modes of reading, writing, and publishing. The non-circulating library holds a collection of over 3,000 titles, with a specific focus on art, literature, and critical theory, available to readers during public library hours. Wendy’s Subway is dedicated to encouraging creative, critical, and discursive engagement with arts and literature, with the belief that equitable access to reading and collaborative forms of knowledge-production are catalysts for social transformation.

In 2016, Wendy’s Subway launched a unique residency program designed to support arts and literary organizations, small press and independent publishers, and collective projects, and encourage engagement with new and existing audiences. For 2 weeks to 3 months, residents work with Wendy’s Subway to gather and exhibit special collections in their Bushwick storefront, organize public events, and develop a related publication.