Wenting Zhang

Summer Tea 2020 in Prospect Park
Artistic Discipline: Multidisciplinary
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2020
Location: Park Slope

In these tremendously challenging times, each individual life has been through its own challenges, we have been fighting hard. It can be exhausting and it can be fearful sometimes when we look ahead. Join us to share a day to connect to nature, to embrace the time and space we have, to feel grounded, to unwind and recharge with tea so we can get back to work on what needs to be rebuilt, hopefully with a fresh perspective and a more rested body. Both onsite and virtual programs are planned to adapt to the COVID-19.

When we see the world is falling apart, mother nature is struggling, and our lives are driving further away from what we hope, Summer Tea 2020 in Prospect Park was meant to create an open and immersive environment through the art and practice of tea where artists create works in nature in the most non-obtrusive and natural way with the limitation of time and space for participants to recenter and find inspiration for life to change. Now, it is proven to be even more challenging yet more important for us to learn to live with our environment to accord, create, and build.

Having a tremendously long history and deep connections with people and land, tea has endless stories tell in many cultures. Understanding those stories and experiencing different traditions can help us to see the world from different perspectives with deeper appreciations. These cultures and traditions are languages we use to communicate among nature, tea, and us through different time and space rather than to separate us, and the way we use them to create those connections is the art of tea. All the moments we share and create together with tea together is a multi-dimensional piece of art for life.