Tiffany Schulze

Bergen Basin Midwood Older Adult Center
"Ukulele for Beginners"
Pronouns: she / her
Artistic Discipline: Music
Category: SU-CASA
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Midwood

Gwendolyn Fitz (Tiffany Schulze) is a jazz-pop singer-songwriter, ukulele player, and theater creator who enjoys weaving stories through music and bringing them to life virtually and onstage. Her award winning ukulele musical, Ease of a Murder, a comedy set in the Roaring Twenties about four murderers who can’t seem to murder each other, was selected by Emerging Artist Theater’s New Work Series to have its first first debut performance at NYC’s TADA Theater in March of 2022 after winning Best Show with Music at the 2021 Pittsburgh Fringe Festival. Though the musical is still in development, Gwendolyn hopes to have a small off-off Broadway run in the next year…and maybe one day make it to Broadway! Gwendolyn also takes great pride and joy in teaching the ukulele, and has started ukulele programs in numerous schools and works with all ages from 4 and up. Gwendolyn also was the recipient of a 2022 SU-CASA Grant awarded by the Brooklyn Arts Council to start a ukulele program in a senior center. Gwendolyn believes anyone can play the ukulele and find a way to express themselves with music. In 2018 Gwendolyn started the Brooklyn Ukulele Festival and holds numerous jams throughout the year in partnership with Make Music New York so other ukulele players in the area can meet and connect with each other.

Participants in the program will learn basic ukulele chords along with the history of the ukulele. Participants will play easy approachable songs as a group while learning basic music techniques like keeping time and rhythmic patterns to play on their instruments. Participants will walk away with resources to enable them to continue playing the ukulele after the program ends.