Alex Sniderman

Diana H. Jones OAC
"Life Stories and Songs"
Pronouns: he/they
Artistic Discipline: Music
Category: SU-CASA
Grant Year: 2024
Location: Bushwick

Alex Sniderman is a musician, producer, recording engineer, and music consultant and facilitator in New York City. “While my experience is varied, creativity and service are at the heart of all my work,” he says. Sniderman is currently artist-in-residence at the Stevens Institute of Technology Biophysics Department, composing personalized music for elderly clients at risk for falls, with the ultimate goal of creating pieces that aid balance. He has taught music, songwriting and creativity workshops in private and group settings, including workshops in New York City juvenile facilities, as well as Rikers Island. For close to twenty years, Sniderman worked with elders, mostly those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, in care facilities as well as privately. Sniderman performs and records under the name No Accidents.